Conte Give Congratulations on breakouts Juve to Final

Conte Give Congratulations on breakouts Juve to Final

Conte Give Congratulations on breakouts Juve to Final

Turin – Juventus break-out of the Champions League final to be welcomed former coach, Antonio Conte. The success of ‘The Great Lady’ was referred to Conte will have a positive impact on Italian football.

Juve will challenge Barcelona in the final of Europe’s most elite club competition was in Berlin June 6, after eliminating the defending champion Real Madrid in the semi-finals. After winning 2-1 in the first leg, they draw against Los Blancos 1-1 in the second leg.

Final This is the first season for Juve after last performed in 2003 and lost to AC Milan on penalties. As for Serie A, Juve’s success is also like “oasis in the desert” because of the country’s football was slumped lately.

It was not until this season Italian clubs showing resurgence. Juve become the first team to appear in the final of the Champions League after the last Inter Milan in 2010, while in the Europa League was almost alone created the All Italian Final if Napoli and Fiorentina was eliminated in the semifinals.

Conte, who successfully led Juve won Serie A three consecutive seasons but is only able to bring the club qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals, also welcomed the success of the Bianconeri. He also praised the outstanding performance of Massimiliano Allegri as his successor.

“Congratulations to Juventus because their mission successfully accomplished and it’s all thanks to the extraordinary work of (coach Max) Allegri, the players, as well as club officials,” said Conte told ANSA quoted as saying by Football Italia.

“We should be proud of the achievement of Italian clubs in Europe, (apart from the exclusion) Napoli and Fiorentina, they all contribute incredible to bring Italian football back into place,” said Conte, who retired from Juve last season.