Bonek 1927 Firmly Reject Reconciliation

Bonek 1927 Firmly Reject Reconciliation

Bonek 1927 Firmly Reject Reconciliation

Jakarta – The issue of reconciliation that began to occur at the level of the elite club not responded positively by fanatical supporters hooligans 1927. Their attitude remains the same: there is only one Persebaya.

Thus statement 1927 Bonek related news that elite Persebaya 1927 was “softened” and accept an offer of reconciliation with other Persebaya – which they refer to as “Persekubar”.

The following statement detikSport diterika Bonek 1927, Wednesday (04/29/2015):

1. We reject reconciliation with Persikubar. Whatever the bid and lure-imingnya, NO word of reconciliation in our struggle.

2. Giving a stern warning to anyone Persebaya (1927) not to open the door of any negotiations on behalf of reconciliation. If desperate, you will be faced with Arek Bonek 1927.

3. Warn anyone to never try to act as brokers who trade reconciliation dark, either to the board Persebaya (1927) and Arek Bonek 1927.

4. Struggle Arek Bonek not so Persebaya 1927 (1927) to play in the ISL. It was a big mistake. So that reconciliation is the way out is misguided. We never had to beg in order Persebaya (1927) played in the ISL. We are behind Persebaya (1927) wherever the future will play. We are ready to start from the bottom, creeping and crawling along the bottom of the division.

5. Resistance and struggle Bonek 1927 Arek not solely for Persebaya (1927). Arek Bonek resistance and struggle and for 1927 also to improve Indonesian football. Resistance and struggle Arek Bonek 1927 is revolutionizing business PSSI bankrupt moral foundation and dilapidated mentality.

Justice is a mother in every resistance and our struggle. We will continue to fight with all the ability and inability. We will continue to fight with the best, with respectful-respect.