Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Disaster for PSG

Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Disaster for PSG

Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Disaster for PSG

Paris – In the best of circumstances only Paris Saint Germain would be difficult to face Barcelona. Les Parisien as can be disastrous when Thiago Silva injury early in the game and David Luiz are not yet fully recovered should enter the field.

Laurent Blanc lowered Silva and Marquinhos as two central defenders when they host Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League last eight on Thursday (16/04/2015) pm dawn earlier. Luiz is not installed as a starter because he really just recovered from injury, although he is on the bench.

After Neymar opened the visitors’ lead diu 19 minutes, PSG can be another serious blow for Silva to be pulled out two minutes later. The captain injured.

Blanc then decided to enter Luiz as a replacement. It became a gambling because until a few days ago the Brazilian defender was still considered not able to play because of his hamstring injury has not recovered.

“Injuries Thiago Silva to be the beginning of our problems. We had to replace them with players who are not 100% fit,” Blanc said after the match, as quoted from the US.

Luiz eventually be ‘decisive’ PSG defeat in the game after he was twice beaten Luis Suarez. Chelsea defender was carried off from it twice ‘dikolongin’ Suarez, and the two moments lead to a goal. Barca won 3-1.

“We can not think what would happen if the other players here. I do not want to talk about players who are absent, but it is a bad thing if your game plan based on the control of the ball but you do not hold the ball,” said Blanc matter the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marco Verratti.

“I regret to some wasted opportunities that we have. We were quite effective on the counter attack,” completion.

The defeat of Barcelona became the first PSG suffered at home in the Champions League after they swallowed the last one in 2006. What’s worse is the fact that their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals is now shrinking, PSG have to win by a score of 3-0 or two goals above 3-1 at Camp Nou to be able to turn things around.