Team Talk that Generate Klopp Dortmund

Team Talk that Generate Klopp Dortmund

Team Talk that Generate Klopp Dortmund

Munich – Borussia Dortmund success rid of Bayern Munich finished a heroic story. Felt his team performed poorly in the first round, Juergen Klopp took foster children rise up and provide fierce resistance.

Dortmund successfully get rid of Bayern in the DFB-Pokal semi-finals after winning on penalties at the Allianz Arena, Wednesday (29/04/2015) pm dawn earlier. Die Borussen had left the first goal in the first half, before equating in the second half and successfully withstand the host until half-tosan tos.

Bayern direct hit since the beginning of the game and the overall look dominant. They hold control of the ball 65% versus 35%. Die Roten also release up to 19 shots with six on target and two hit the post. Dortmund currently has 10 attempts in which four led to the goal.

Klopp admitted his team performed poorly during the first half. For comparison, Bayern already off eight shots with two towards goal, one hit the post, and one goal in the first 45 minutes. While Dortmund in the same period have only three trials and none on target.

Not wanting his team to give up without a fight, Klopp demanded foster children rise in the remaining time. Although still not able to counter the dominance of Bayern, but they were able to release seven shots in which four of which led to the goal and fruitful one equalizing goal in the second half.

Dortmund even able to maintain the current score to play with 10 men since the minute-108 in extra innings. Until then won on penalties, after all the players Bayern failed in execution.

Interestingly, two kicker Bayern terlepeset when kicked while another hit the bar. Klopp did not dismiss if there is an element of luck in his breakouts.

“I told the kids at half time that it did not matter to us losing in Munich, but only if we surrender after offering resistance. In the first round, I do not see the passion that we really want to reach the final in Berlin,” said Klopp on the official club website.

“We had not played well enough and the score still only 0-1. Maybe in the second half of the Bayern players also felt the game was over and secure. As if we were not too dangerous.”

“But football can be like that. I do not know why they all slipped when a penalty kick. It was already destined to happen today. And really very nice we have reached the final,” said Dortmund coach will leave at the end of the season.