Ozil So Spotlight After Swap Shirt At Half Time

Ozil So Spotlight After Swap Shirt At Half Time

Ozil So Spotlight After Swap Shirt At Half Time

Monaco – Mesut Ozil Arsenal are in the spotlight as a result of an incident at the end of the first round opponent Monaco. Ozil looks exchanged jerseys with players Geoffrey Kondogbia Monaco.

The Gunners won 2-0 when the party hosted by Monaco in the second leg of the Champions League last 16 on Wednesday (03/18/2015) pm dawn, with goals from Olivier Giroud in the 36th minute and then Aaron Ramsey in minutes -79.

Results were indeed made Arsenal managed an aggregate 3-3 with Monaco, but still ruled by his French opponent productivity due to the away goals rule – Monaco 3-1 in the first leg of Arsenal’s headquarters.

Well, a hot issue then is not just how the fight Arsenal chase goal deficit or how Monaco was excited when the visitors scored the second goal. An incident at half time come to be highlighted: Ozil looks exchanged jerseys with Kondogbia.

“I do not like it. It may be okay in the end of the game. But even then I did not really enjoy it,” criticism ITV analyst and former player of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Should it be done in the hallway or the players in the dressing room, without being seen by others. At half time, I do not like it,” he continued.

“I do not really know why we see this,” said ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley top disgust as reported by the Independent.

In a series of tweets were reported by the Independent and the Daily Mail, a number of fans also questioned the actions Ozil. However, not a few who defended because it seems Kondogbia was the one who took the initiative to ask jerseys Ozil ago undertakes.

Then the incident was assessed differently by a similar incident also involving players ‘Gunner’ in 2012 ago. When it’s Andre Santos, Arsenal still in her uniform, exchanged jerseys with Robin van Persie, Arsenal’s former captain who was already defending Manchester United, during the half time both teams match at Old Trafford.