Missed Penalty, Player Club Pistol Serbia’s mugged by Individual Supporters

Missed Penalty, Player Club Pistol Serbia’s mugged by Individual Supporters

Missed Penalty, Player Club Pistol Serbia's mugged by Individual Supporters

Novi Pazar – Because of the penalty, which is a defender Zarko Udovicic Serbian club, Novi Pazar, nearly lost their lives. Having failed to make a goal, a number of hard-line supporters pointing a gun at him in the locker room.

The incident triggered Udovicic failure to convert a penalty on Saturday (02/21/2015), the Novi Pazar when dealing with advanced FK Rad in Serbian SuperLiga. Udovicic then get a chance make the score 1-1 in the 85th minute, but unlucky for him kick the ball over the crossbar. Novi Pazar was defeated 0-1.

Well two days later, exactly on Monday (23/2), Udovicic and his colleagues who were sitting in the dressing room the club’s training center suddenly visited by a number of supporters. That’s when Udovicic mugged pistol at close range.

“He could choose to shoot me in the part of the body. He asked me if I’ve set up the game with the club management. I said no,” said Udovicic as reported by the official website of FIFPro, the professional players association world.

The incident provoke disappointment of Footballers Association President Nezavisnost (SPF Nezavisnost), Mirko Poledica. Poledica questioned the lack of action from the football federation of Serbia to stop the violent forms of this kind.

“Should we wait for some hooligans really kill one of our players. What makes me worry is no reaction from the federation. They remain silent,” he said.

“They have to do something to ensure the safety of the players. But they do not do it. Next a player could have been killed,” said Poledica.

FIFPro as an association which is responsible for the entire professional football player in the world, fully supports SPF step Nezavisnost demanding security guarantee against the footballer.

“FIFPro fully supports Nezavisnost and the players in Serbia. Because all professional workers, every professional footballer is entitled to a safe working environment. It all depends on the football authorities and the state, to provide a safe environment like this,” FIFPro said in a statement.