Magnificent Seven without Duo Milan (Especially Parma)

Magnificent Seven without Duo Milan (Especially Parma)

Magnificent Seven without Duo Milan (Especially Parma)

Jakarta – A once famous as The Magnificent Seven term or Sette Il Magnifico in Serie A. Currently being composed again “entourage” even though not intact.

Indeed the “Magnificent Seven” it refers to Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, AS Roma, Fiorentina, Lazio and Parma. They are so called because it dominates the top caste Italian league competition was between 90s to early 2000.

M7’s been a long time “dissolved” especially since the financial crisis hit Lazio ever, and experienced a similar fate Parma, which even today are threatened with bankruptcy. Plus, Juventus played in Serie B due to the Calciopoli scandal and need “a new adaptation of” afterward.

Surely there is one other team that has a history of high and never become a great power. The team is Napoli, who had twice won the Scudetto (1987, 1990). But since the days of Diego Maradona ended, the club is decreased and even been six seasons struggling in Serie B.

However Napoli improved lately. In the last five seasons they have always finished in the top five, including a runner-up in the 2012/2013 season in the era of coach Walter Mazzarri. Napoli comeback touted as a “substitute” Parma will not be as competitive as the predicted first.

Well, if Napoli is a substitute Parma, then the current five of seven powerful Italian team that was at the top of the standings. Until the 26th week, respectively perched above is Juventus, Roma, Lazio, Napoli and Fiorentina. Ironically, the two giants of the city of Milan, the AC Milan and Inter, even still outside the euro zone: the Nerazzurri at No. 9, the Rossoneri to-10. [See table more here]

Inter are still not consistent, although since the end of the year already handled coach ever gave them three scudetto title, Roberto Mancini. Similarly, Milan, who never look promising for the former bomber held his top, Filippo Inzaghi.

A very good record just etched Lazio. Last night they overthrew Fiorentina 4-0 at the Stadio Olimpico. That’s what makes this Pioli Stefao side pushed into third position.

That’s the second time this season Biancoceleste can win four consecutive wins in the league. Two of the 4 goal was scored Miroslav Klose, who thus has collected a total of 43 goals during his career in Serie A with the capital side.

Meanwhile, Fiorentina have to taste a distinctive tartness with the defeat. First, unbeaten in 13 games last stop. They are also for the first time in nine games, not scored.

Others make an unpleasant note Viola is, they just feel again defeat by a margin of up to 4 goals – since 19 years ago.

However Fiorentina remains “magnificent” so far, at least not compared to Inter and Milan – Parma moreover, are languishing at the bottom of the standings and have played two games because they had no money.