De Boer Stay in Ajax Season Home

De Boer Stay in Ajax Season Home

De Boer Stay in Ajax Season Home

Amsterdam – Good news for Ajax Amsterdam and the supporters after Frank De Boer affirmed his loyalty to remain coached next season, despite many offers came.

The future of De Boer back is often so speculation following a number of Premier League clubs interested in him. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur itself into two strongest candidates, where the Reds even had submitted a proposal that was rejected De Boer in 2012 ago.

When the De Boer claimed not ready to leave Ajax and some time ago said he would welcome if Liverpool really want to sign him.

Then came again the name of Newcastle United is increasingly heated issue of the future of De Boer, Ajax. Moreover, Newcastle is looking for a new manager for next season.

But the hopes of three English clubs or other enthusiasts De Boer have vanished after the 44-year coach said he would remain in Ajax, at least for the next season or until the contract runs out in 2017.

“I’ve spoken to the club and Marc Overmars (Sports Director ed) this morning. The players heard in session, so did the staff already know,” said De Boer about his decision to survive in Ajax.

“I think Ajax deserve clarity. I am too. There is a good foundation in Ajax. I see there are still a lot that can be extracted,” he continued as reported beIN Sports.

“There is a good base there with a number of young players tied to long-term contracts. I feel my job is not finished.”

“Liverpool and other clubs can contact Marc or my agent. But surely the answer is ‘No’. To date there is no discussion at all.”

“Years ago there was and I said bids will think about it anymore. Ajax asked me to give clarity before 1 March and I think this has been a good time to do it,” said De Boer.

Since coached Ajax in 2010, De Boer has offered four Dutch league titles in a row. This season the series was in danger of dropping after Ajax still trailing by 14 points from the top standings, PSV Eindhoven, in the 24th week.