Confirmed 2022 World Cup Held in Winter

Confirmed 2022 World Cup Held in Winter

Confirmed 2022 World Cup Held in Winter

Zurich – 2022 World Cup in Qatar will certainly be held in the winter, after the FIFA specify December 18 as the final day of the tournament dihelatnya.

The assurance was obtained from the results of the meeting of the executive committee (EXCO) FIFA held at their headquarters in Zurich on Thursday (19/3) evening local time Friday morning pm. It also resolve all the polemics that occurred in four years, since appointed to host Qatar, about the time of the event tournament.

Because if you follow this tradition for which the World Cup is always held in the summer, it will be impossible Qatar spread them because in June-July temperatures there can reach over 40 degrees Celsius, which can harm the players and spectators.

Thus it appears discourse to menghelat World Cup in between November and December, which so when the emergence of winter.

“I confirm that the Executive Committee today, based on the advice of the committee Task Force .. announce that we will hold the World Cup in November and December, with the final match will be played on December 18,” said FIFA spokesman, Walter de Gregorio, such as Reuters quoted.

“It was a Sunday and also finished in the Qatar National Day. In principle, we will try to hold the tournament in 28 days. The next step is the discussion related to the organization of the tournament,” he continued.

With the finals will be played on December 18, 2022 and the desire to reduce the time FIFA tournament to just 28 days, then most likely the first World Cup in the Middle East that will begin in mid-November.

However the idea to hold the World Cup in winter is opposition from the Association of European clubs, because at that time most of the competition in the middle of the rolling Blue Continent.