Falcao Depressed at MU since contract

Falcao Depressed at MU since contract

Falcao Depressed at MU since contract

Manchester – Louis Saha expressing sympathy to Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao. According to Saha, Falcao face great pressure on Manchester United because of his contract.

Since borrowed from AS Monaco last summer, Falcao never showed performance that meets the expectations of the fans MU. Colombian striker was only contributed four goals in 19 games.

Number of goals it certainly does not reflect Falcao’s reputation as one of the most prolific striker in the world. While still defending Porto and Atletico Madrid, El Tigre recorded 142 goals in 178 matches.

Initially, the performance is still okay Falcao who have not understood by many parties. Falcao perceived need time to adapt to English football playing style. Plus, he had a long absence with a knee injury that also kept him out of the 2014 World Cup.

However, the time owned Falcao to show off in the MU is not much. He must immediately make a lot of goals in order to sign him permanently MU. Otherwise, he will most likely return to Monaco at the end of the season.

According to Saha, become a Falcao is not easy. He knows very well the difficulty of achieving peak performance after severe injury.

“It was very heavy. It was the most serious moments in your life,” Saha said in the Daily Mail.

“You have to work with a team full of confidence. When I came back (from a severe injury), some of my teammates scoring goals every week. So, I find it easier to adapt and can score some goals. The pressure was too great,” Chelsea striker added in this 2004-2008 period.

“I have sympathy for Falcao. I do not doubt it. I know how hard being a striker. Always there is intense competition in this club,” said Saha.

“This is a fight. But he has the quality to do well here,” he said.

Saha support Falcao to achieve success with the ‘Red Devils’. He called the 29 years it might take a long time to adapt.

In addition, Saha also considers loan players have made Falcao feel the pressure. Because little chance Falcao dipermanenkan MU if he does not shine. Moreover, the price for mempermanenkan Falcao also not cheap: 44 million pounds.

“When you are in a different formation or management of different, you have to adapt. It can take three months, six months, or maybe a year before you understand it,” said Saha.

“Even the best players once did also experience this. It happens here Patrice Evra (Manchester United). During the first six months of her trouble. He looks not familiar with the style of play that rely on physical in England. However, he later transformed into a great player, “he added.

“Falcao depressed because his contract. As a striker you want to score goals. When there is that much money involved, you will be under pressure,” said Saha.